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Possibility of non-pixelation in Lightroom ? (ipad pro / pencil astropad)

Hello Devs

Been using your Astropad a bit lately, and was wondering if we could have a “Draw Mode” and “Photo Mode” ?


Draw Mode, is where you get as many frames pr second, with the least amount of screen lag, but pixelation occurs.

Photo Mode, is where you get zero pixelation, but you get less frames pr second and perhaps more lag.

What you think ? It would certainly make the app more versatile for other apps then just sketching/drawing.

PS: I know Lightroom has their own app, but it’s too limited, unintuitive to control, to much of hastle to “sync” pictures/libraries and what not.

Was I very unclear, since theres 0 response ?

If this is possible it would be great.