Portrait mode on Ipad Pro


When I turn my iPad to portrait the screen does not follow. I don’t know if I need to change a setting or something? Or if it only works over Wifi?


Are you using Astropad Studio? Or Astropad Standard?
Nothing happens at all when rotating the iPad itself?


The standard one time fee account.


Unfortunately, Astropad Standard does not have this feature yet.

Portrait mode is only available in Astropad Studio at the moment.


I bought Astropad today. Not too much experiences so far. But the portrait mode is IMHO a MUST in an application that costs more than 30 EUR. Reviewing PDF documents in Acrobat i.e. in landscape ain’t that fun to say the least. Please implement this feature as a basic feature to the standard version asap. Thanks.


I feel 100% same way on this. I don’t know why they would even think to deny that feature for basic user, it’s just a ploy to push people to buy something they don’t need.