Pixelation, lagging and distorting


I just dropped £23 on this app.

Everything that moves on screen becomes terrible pixelated, so that means if i move a menu it becomes illegible and i also can’t see what I’m drawing!

There’s such a lag when using the apple pencil its completely unusable.

Im using an iPad pro 12.9, and a 15’ rMPB.

This happens when using Wifi, lightning and even when turning retina settings off in the preferences.

Am i doing something critically wrong here!?

I wanted to love this app and it was a big reason i purchased an iPad pro.


What programs are you using with Astropad?
Also, what is the year and specs of your Macbook pro?

Are you experiencing inconsistent connection? Or just pixelation and delay?


I’m experiencing the same thing. I get terrible pixelation when moving the cursor. 12.9 iPad Pro (128gb). It’s connected to a mid 2011 iMac 2.7Ghz with 32 GB RAM using a lightning cable.

I’m also a new user of astropad, and it was a big selling point to the iPad.



Thank you for getting back to me.

iPad Pro 12.9

MacBook Pro 15inch Retina display (current gen)

I’ve tried with both wired and wireless connections.

I appreciate that it’s very challenging to transmit HD display information via wifi, however the pixilation present makes it very difficult to see brush characteristics.

Like I said, hopefully I’ve made an error and there is a work around.

Thank you.

Robert Joseph Manning


I only got pixelation issue when the WIFI connection is bad. Is this the possible cause?


They’ve previously said that an update will come sometime in 2016 to address the pixelation issue. I hope by that they mean late June…


Any updates on whether pixelation with moving objects on the screen will be addressed soon?


I gave up on Astropad for Photoshop and Illustrator. In fact, I haven’t used it in months. I’m not even sure the pixelation issue is totally their fault. Could be the processing power on an iPad isn’t enough. I just don’t know. What I do know is I’m happier with my Wacom tablet for the time being.


@aleather This has always been our number one priority to fix in development.
We have released a recent update a few days ago, to further reduce and improve performance.

Let us know what you think.


Dear Astropad team!

Sience the 2.1 update I’m expiriencing some lag or bug with the colors, if something changes on the screen you can see the colors “loading” on my ipad. I took a screenshot of the process:

It does this everytime i move something (even the mouse), this wasn’t an issue in the previous version, i’m connecting via lightning cable with my ipad pro 9.7
Is there any solution for that?

iPad Pro color problems

Hi David,

Could you record a video (with your phone) of the issue as it is happening and get in touch with us via support(at)astro-hq.com?

we would like to help and understand more what’s going on…

Thank you


I’m having the same issues too. After the update the app seemed to take 3 attempts to open. Once open the lag and pixelation is so bad it’s unusable.


Hi Mexi, could you please follow the same directions:


This is the same to me. I’ve already contact Astropad support via email.


I had this issue too. Found my (the) solution.

My old Macbook Pro died. I bought a new Macbook Air.

I installed Astropad and it was blurred, pixelated, a tad slow etc on my iPAD pro. Similar symptoms to what you guys are experiencing i believe?

It turns out the default ‘ZOOM’ was set to: ‘…a don’t know what it’s set too?..’

But when you click on the ZOOM box, and set it the 100% all looks and works perfectly from there on in, as the awesome Astropad should.

So in my case, it was simply the defaults settings that threw my setups.

I love Astropad. Should of known it was something minor.

Astropad: The greatest creation since the wheel.

Keep up the good work guys!


The problem with pixelation is real on wifi.
Macbookpro 2018 i9 32gb.
I have not yet tested it via cable (due to buying adaptors) but i have a distinct feeling i am going to get the same result :)). The zoom is 100%.
So any ideas ?


@Andrei_Busuioc What Mac OS is in use?

If you’re Mac and iPad are used right beside each other, is pixelation the same?

Any Wifi extenders in use? Or multiple routers?

We usually recommend checking USB cable connection for troubleshooting, because it’s both a consistent connection and helps narrow down what’s conflicting.

Also, connecting initially with USB and then unplugging for wifi, can sometimes re-establish signal.