Pixelated Scrolling and Low Refresh Rate [MBP to iMac]

Hello there - brand new customer here after ordering the Luna Display for a WFH set up.

The Issue
Pixelated scrolling and low refresh rate.

My use case
Looking to connect my 2019 13" Macbook pro [Host] to my 2017 iMac 5K [Secondary display].
Having done extensive research on here - I noticed a number of people reported having better latency and refresh rate using a thunderbolt connection and manually link the host to the secondary display. Despite doing this (turning off Wifi) and sharing the ethernet internet connection from my iMac to the MBP - I am still experiencing extreme pixelation which is not what has been advertised. Mind you I am coming from Duet Display - which at this point functions better based on my 3 days of testing.

My Hardware
Using an Asus XT8 with two nodes which are all using ethernet backhauls. These are powerful wifi AX routers [Specs]

Wondering if there is a solution for this, why this is happening and if others are experiencing this mac to mac setup. Also any news on the inclusion of 4K? Airplay is set to release 4K stream when Big Sur is released in the coming months. Might be considering returning the Luna because of this and the above issues. below is a screen recording of what is happening on the secondary display:

UPDATED Showing the pixelating issue Drive Link to Video

Edit - here is a screenshot of what I see when scrolling. Notice the pixelation. Which stops after 1-2 seconds after finishing the scroll gesture.

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Just realized Monosnap (my screen recording application) is recording chrome itself - vs capturing the latency issue on the secondary display.