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Photoshop Retouching

I want to use AstroPad for Retouching in PhotoShop.

Pressure controls opacity just fine, but I have found no Photoshop brush parameter that can be controlled with Pencil Tilt. Always get a warning icon that the device is not supported. Would like to be able to use tilt to control some other useful brush parameter, e.g. hardness or perhaps size.

Is there a lack of pen tilt? Or pen pressure as well?
Can you give an example of your brush settings? Is “Control” in any of them set to Pen Pressure or Pen Tilt?

For the 1st brush in the basic set, my brush controls look just like the panel in your email. Do you see the little triangle to the left of the top “Control” work? With the ! in it? That means that function is not supported. And sure enough, when I try tilting the pen while drawing, retouching or whatever, there is no change in diameter. Same “non-result” if I try to use pen tilt on any of the other brushes or brush parameters.


Dr Ron York

I’m not sure if tilt is working for me, but I have noticed that the ! is displayed even when a function is working fine.

Yeah this has been breaking for me as well randomly, using Photoshop CC and set to Pen Pressure