Photoshop EyeDropper


Photoshop won’t recognize the Apple Pencil as a brush.

IT keeps changing the pencil stylus to the eye dropper and not allowing me to use the Apple Pencil while using Astropad Studio as a brush or any other item in photohsop.


Does this happen when using other other Photoshop tools?
Where they shift to eye dropper or a different tool?


Yes, restarted the computer, and the iPad. Still happening.


Thanks for the added details.

Does this happen when using other Photoshop tools?
Like the selection tool, or eraser; does it switch to another tool or eyedropper?

Something to try with Photoshop, is resetting Preferences -
While holding down the Command + Option + Shift keys, then click on Photoshop Icon to start.
When it’s starting up, Photoshop will show a dialog box, asking to delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings File.
Select Yes, and it will reset all your Photoshop settings.


I have the same issue!

Used to be able to use the brush fine but after the update to Photoshop 2018 it keeps reverting to eyedropper.
I tried reseting the preferences - didn’t help.


@Anna_Jouli What Mac OS is installed? Has there been any change after the latest update of CC 18?
Also, are there any Wacom drivers installed on your Mac?

If possible, please email us a video of the issue - support[at]