Photoshop bug/issue: Double-tap (UNDO) turns on Zoom?


When using double-tapping gesture (2 fingers) in Photoshop CC `18 the Zoom function is activated, which of course is both counter-productive and annoying.
I want double-tap to work as “Step Backwards” in PS.

• I´ve tried restarting both PS and APS several times. No luck.
• I´ve re-entered the shortcuts in both PS and APS. No luck.
• I´ve disabled double and single tap in APS. No luck.
• Double-checked my shortcuts in PS.

FYI: By default PS uses Command-Z (mac) to redo AND undo, which just makes it toggle back and forth between undo/redo, so I have changed the Cmd-Z keyboard shortcut in PS to “Step Backwards”, so it keeps undoing (just like most other applications do).

Seems the same issue is talked about in this thread: Undo/Redo Gesture doesn't work
…but no solution.

Am I doing something wrong?
Have you come up with a solution?
Please help.
Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:


For others with the same issue; here is the solution:
Shortcuts have to be entered by actually pressing the keys simultaneously. I entered them by pressing the keys one by one.
Pressing them simultaneously helped fix the issue.
Especially paying close attention to whether it says “⌘ Z” or “Z ⌘” is vital - I got the zoom tool (Z) because the shortcut was entered as “⌘ Z” (with a space between the two). It should be entered “⌘Z”.

Hope this helps!