Perfect 1:1 Ratio FullScreen Res on iPad Pro


Try buying a mini display to hdmi cable. Like 8bucks. Then plug into tv and set mackbook display to mirror the tv. I’m getting perfect ratio and 4k drawing support that way with no lag at all. Not portable but man it’s bad ass


oh thank you, I got it fixed.
I just found out over time that it’s just easier to use an iPad app than try to work on the desktop with Astropad.
It just takes more seconds per action due to pixelization and lag than to just whip it up on iPad, and it’s not an issue that Astropad is going to fix, so… it’s back to Wacom for me.


That would be indeed great


Nice idea and it works great ! Very sharp !
I have an other setting on my Macbook Pro to have the same sharpness :

  • Set the screen settings in the System Prefs to 1680 x 1050
  • Set the Astropad to 100%

I can not do the full screen setting on Astropad, but I keep my full screen on my laptop, which is great! And the height of the 100% setting is nice because you have almost the full size.

… But everything will be fine with the Luna device ! Can’t wait.



Hey Everyone!

I wanted to let you know about the Luna device that we just launched on Kickstarter that allows Astropad to use every single pixel on your iPad (especially great on those gorgeous 12.9" iPad Pros!)

No more black bars. And Retina support! Check out my video message to the community to find out more:


Can’t wait. Is it possible to start the Studio subscription now and then get Luna later? Or what will happen when I purchase a yearly studio sub now and pledged for the 1 year sub plus Luna kickstarter? Will it be added on top of my remaining months?



When do Astropad Studio subscriptions start for the "Artist Bundle?"
We will send a survey out after our campaign ends for you to choose when you would like to receive your Astropad Studio license. You will have the option to start your subscription immediately or when you receive your Luna Display hardware.

If you buy Studio today then buy the Artist Bundle…
We will add an other year to your subscription


Thanks! That sounds good. Really thrilled to see Luna!


God yes please integrate this stuff, i don’t want to be hassling around with different apps. The only drawback I’ve found so far to Astropad is this issue of the iPad resolution not being optimally used.

Why not collaborate with the SwitchResX team?


O and now I read about the Luna display thing that uses 100% of the iPad rez. But doesn;t it work with wifi only? I’m trying to reduce the radiation in my workspace, I don’t want to be physically touching an iPad that’s emanating wifi radiation all the time…


@Formhorny For Luna Display, your iPad and Mac can be connected together by either wifi or USB cord.

More info on how Luna works with Astropad can be seen here –


Hi @Malyse that would be great. The Luna pages don’t tell me how it would work though, I see no pictures of iPads and macs having corded intercourse …



It’s been awhile since I checked out this thread, used Astropad or checked out how Luna was progressing. I have been doing a ton of software development and actually played semi-pro football, but that is all besides the point.

After purchasing an ASUS 4k gaming display. On most Macs prior to 2013, Apple has crippled this 4k capability while at the same time, Apple has beefed up and added tons of hidden in-between scaled resolutions to retina capable Macs (Macs usually 2013 and newer).

I firmly believe Apple purposely drew a line in the sand as do what Macs can create higher HiDPI resolutions and what can’t. Basically which ones they would officially support external “Retina” displays via Display Port and USB-C / Thunderbolt 3.

For instance the 2014 Mac Mini dual core box supported Retina on external 4k displays and the 2012 Quad Core a much better box does not. They both support Thunderbolt 2 I believe and the older one has more cores and its cpu is capable of 32GB RAM even though its firmware is locked in at 16GB Max.

This brings me to my point that High Sierra and most likely Sierra too have limited the access of HiDPI on “unsupported” Macs. These are usually ones that are only allowed to run 4k at 30Hz instead of the full 4k @ 60 Hz over Display port, USB-C or Thunderbolt 3.

Which leads me to my trick that I proposed probably will not work now on older non-retina capable Macs, the unsupported ones. I think Apple made a huge mistake here and they should not have done this. If your Mac can run High Sierra, give them all 4k external display Support especially if their Video Cards can handle it. Another way they could have approached this, if your Video Card supports Metal, they should could have drawn the line there. Though that would be more limiting than just drawing the line at High Sierra.

Nevertheless, this is leading down a dark path where I will be making this an experimental project to support 4k on any display whether it is virtual or not and if I make any progress to continue to add retina support to older Macs via Astropad, I will publish my findings and possibly some software that will allow this type of engineering. I can’t promise you anything but hardware that previously supported all kinds of HiDPI (Scaled) resolutions and now most Macs only have a few useless ones and the new Macs when option clicked a second time have oodles of them literally, something is definitely wrong here between the old and the new.

Here are the scaled resolutions that a retina 2014 supports on my ASUS screen:
3840x2160, 3360x1890, 3200x1800, 3008x1692, 2560x1440, 2304x1296, 2048x1152, 1920x1080(unsupported retina Macs only get this one btw), 1680x945, 1600x900,1504x846,1280x720 and 1152x648. Wow that is a ton!! Plus most of these are usable! Are you kidding me? Not at all, and these are all hi-res scaled resolutions are on a ASUS 4k display. (MG28U), 28" display. And these are all 60 Hz running at 3840x2160 (4k), the software just scales the res on a Retina like display.

If you happen to have a fully Retina compatible Mac, you can get all those extra 4k scaled resolutions just by option clicking Scaled twice.

On unsupported Macs only support 3840x2160 and 1920x1080 at only 30Hz is available. There is a 720 option too. Big whoop. And the same video card on a PC via Bootcamp on Windows 10 can support 60 Hz on a unsupported Mac (long as its a good video card), and the Mac side is limited to 30 Hz without retina officially enabled. Even Microsoft is sharing the love here on a Mac Pro 2008 running Windows 10 Pro and High Sierra on it is severally limited. I am tempted to run Sierra, and El Captain just to see the difference and I guarantee, El Cap will work much better.

This is what an Unsupported 4k Mac looks like:

It is very difficult to find good articles on this subject because most only talk about HiPDI, not actual Retina and when Apple considers an external display to be Retina there is a world of difference. As you can see above, you have access to more choices to scaled resolutions than you can throw a stick at. I love my 4k display on a Retina 2014 Mac. I sure wish my 2008 Mac Pro and my 2012 Mac mini shared the same love.

I am determined that I will over come these barriers that Apple has created and I hope to once again help the Astropad community and anything related to retina.

Thanks for reading and hope to be back sooner rather than later.

If anyone is interested in joining the Retina revolution, please message me, would love to team up.

A Refurbished 4K Mac User

RDM on a Retina Mac on a 4k display, notice how Apple allows resolutions are greater on this display:


I can confirm that on a Mac Pro 3,1 Early 2008 with a HD Radeon 7970 3072MB Graphics Card installed, under Mac OS X 11.11.5 OS X El Capitan that 4k @ 60 Gz works out of the box from Mini Display Port to Display Port, port in 1.2 mode. And it was all the scaled resolutions that 2013 and later Macs get. And this will probably support Astropad. It is unfortunate that Apple has made revisions to their software that prevents 2008-2012 hardware from doing the same thing that 2013 and later hardware does especially when the 2012 and older hardware could already achieve what I would call 4k greatness. I also did not have patch the drivers under El Cap.

Unfortunately, I probably can’t do all my work under this mode. As most of my iOS work requires High Sierra. Guess I will find other uses for this box. probably Video Editing and Photoshop work (and of course Astropad).


I’d been using Goodtime’s method to connect my iPad Pro 12.9" to my iMac successfully for the past year. Long overdue thank you for the information!

Unfortunately, after the latest High Sierra update, SwitchResX doesn’t seem to play well anymore. I disabled SIP again and tried to recreate the resolutions necessary for the iPad Pro, but both 1366x1024 and its HiDPI versions now show as “Not activated - invalid?” Anyone else getting this after the latest MacOS update?


Work with high sierra and mpb 2017 ?