Perfect 1:1 Ratio FullScreen Res on iPad Pro


Thanks for this tutorial post @Goodtime , very helpful!

I’ve got it running at hidpi mode on my iPad Pro 12.9" and headless Mac mini with a hdmi display emulator.

Since changing (from 1600px wide) the pixelation seems to have reduced I think this was at 60hz and now at 30hz refresh rate.

My question is does the resfresh rate the display is set at affect astropad??


This was incredibly informing and has made Astropad very useful to me. I tried the 1600x1200 HiDPI but 1366x1024 was sharper and the loss in screen real estate wasn’t huge. Lag seemed to diminish too, or am I imagining it?
You made me a switchresx customer. Thank you Goodtime.


I’ve been doing a bit of research on the hidpi mode, this only affects the system graphics/ interface and does not increase the effective resolution.

I compared artwork in photoshop between the full 2732x2048 resolution vs 1366x1024 hidpi and the larger resolution was significantly sharper. Therefore I’ll be sticking with the full res on the iPad Pro (and getting used to the TINY buttons).

However this seems odd as it suggests a retina MacBook only utilises a lower res when in the default hidpi mode… does anyone have any more info on this?


Amazing! Makes Astropad much more useful for me. Thank you!


When I use this in my cinema display it works fine. But when I use it with the build in retina display of my macbook I’ll end up with a white screen an distort lines in it. How come?


Are you using ‘scaled’ resolutions with Switch Res X? If you try other Hz. Settings things can go haywire.


I use same hertz. And it’s only occurs when I use 4:3 resolutions (Also the custom as mentioned in this topic)


I am on an old MacBook 2011. It has the newest OS though.
Standard res is 1280x800 I think.

Will this workaround still work for my set-up? Will it make the “letterbox” go away that astropad is now getting?

Thanks for the time


This trick should work with any Mac. Whether the screen is retina or not does not matter. The basic premise is to create a resolution matches the iPad Pro. The Mac will simply scale the screen proportionately and it will have black bars on the left and right. but the iPad Pro will be at full res.

I actually not been using Astropad much lately. I’m busy working on a native drawing app for the iPad itself.


Oh which app?


i successfully did it and have the full iPad size in retina mode without having one, but, after I tried another suggested resolution here listed, the 1600 x 1200, but, for some reason it disappeared the HiPDI of 1366 x 1024 and now I can’t add it again anymore, I read is because is the trial version, but even with just 2 custom resolutions the HiDPI isn’t available.


The wrong screen resolutions pair are installed. Remove the 1600 x 1200 and its 2x pair then install / turn on the ones for the native red.


I think you should add some of this native to the App, getting the full screen in ratio to the iPad and the possibility of having it on retina quality even when we don’t have retina display, makes a difference, of course, we still need to prepare our work space but so much better when we are using it wireless in the couch, far from the computer taking advantage of the whole screen without the black bars we have in the actual full screen.
For me as an common user without knowledge was a little difficult, but my reward was huge enjoying all I mentioned above.


Coming back to say I finally got around to using this in light of Astropad Studio. Studio and SRX is a GREAT combo!



Just needed to restart my mac to allow it to take effect. Tho the image on the mac is 4:3 set up while fitting fine on the iPad Im guessing that there is no way for it to be 16:9 on the mac while 4:3 on the iPad then?



I’m having a issue with getting it to work, it says the status is “Not installed” and dose not show up as a option to select. Im I doing something wrong?


I’ve recently tried Astropad Studio with SwitchResX on my Macbook Pro(Early 2011) and LG IPS231 monitor.
But I ended up very disappointed… I did every single thing mentioned up there but I cannot add HiDPI 1366x1024…
I talked to SwitchResX support, they think the driver in my Mac does seem not to be able to create custom resolutions bigger than the native screen resolution (which seem to be 1920x1080)…
What do you guys think???


Well it’s brought nothing but misery for me. gonna try once more, then hang the whole thing up.


Did you get it to work for you?


Oh, yes, thank you.

“scaled resolution” wasn’t checked.


I do the same only with a mini display to hdmi to my 4k tv. Then I mirror the 4k display to the MacBook and I get 4k drawing with zero lag and perfect ratio on iPad Pro!