Pen Pressure does not work


Hey Everybody, Astropad.

im having trouble with my Pen Pressure

Yes I have Mac OS Mojave
Yes I fallowed the steps to activate photoshop and Astro pad studio in Security and Privacy.

Im able to use my Apple Pencil. But there is no pressure sensitivity. In. Brush settings there’s a little :warning: next to pressure when its selected.

How do I fix this?


Hey Silva,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having some pencil issues. May I ask what application you’re using? If you were to try another application, does the pencil sensitivity come back?


I mainly use Adobe Photoshop, I did go into Adobe Illustrator after to check and the pressure sensitivity was still gone.


@SilvaArt You may want to check that you have Wacom drivers installed and that they are up-to-date. Hope you can figure it out soon!


thanks man ill check up on that.


Awesome! Let me know if it works


I have this issue. I have the latest Wacom driver installed 6.3.32. The Wacom driver control panel application complains that ‘A supported tablet was not found on the system.’

I have uninstalled SwitchResx, Moom and ShareMouse.


I restarted Illustrator and reset preferences with shift-option-command and that seems to have fixed it for me.

Note the Wacom preference panel still shows ‘A supported tablet was not found on the system’.