Palm rejection isn't working - IPAD PRO


Hey astropad, whats’up?
i’m having some problems with palm rejection in astropad.
sometimes work just perfectly, but, at least one a day, it starts to recognize my hand when i’m drawing or painting, even selecting something.
plz help me!
thank you for the attention!



What Mac OS and iOS are installed on your devices?
And what program are you using with Astropad?

Is this the same with USB and wifi connection?

To confirm, you are using Apple Pencil?
Try plugging Apple Pencil directly in the dock,
keep it there for a bit longer than you normally would with pairing.

Also, are you using Astropad Studio or Standard?


Hi Malyse,
I’m using a Mac OS Sierra in a Imac (2011) , and my Ipad Pro 12" version 11.3.1.
I use to connect my Astropad by USB. And yes, i’m using apple pencil. When things go wrong, i just restart my Ipad and Astropad, sometimes works just fine, but sometimes don’t.
Ans finally, i use the Astropad Standard version.

Thank you for the support =]


Something to check –
On your iPad go to Settings,
then General, select Accessibility and is any of the Zoom settings turned on?
If so, please try them all off and see if there is any difference.

If not, let us know.