On Screen Keyboard


My mac is upstairs and I soon worked out that I could use astro pad down stairs but sometimes needed the keyboard.

I loaded the onscreen kb on my mac and set a pen button to function key. you can move the KB off screen and just leave enough to drag it back on. Works great press button and tap letter on screen kb.
If the keyboard is to small just stretch it out bigger and shove it back out of the way.


  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Keyboard Pref pane
  3. On first tab “keyboard” set show keyboard & charcacter viewer in menu bar,
  4. Close System Preferences

on my mac the icon is next to time on the top right of menu,
just find the icon and show keyboard…
move into rough position in astropad .
dont forget to set a button or short cut to mac key.

Can I type when mirroring my desktop in another room?

Great tip, I’ll be using that from now on. I love the idea of Astropad as a remote screen for photoshop / graphics program of choice.


took me a while to figure out where I might find that… LOL.
Now I know, and it is indeed really usefull.Thanks for the tip !


Wow good tip! Thanks for sharing! Can you post step by step instructions, possibly with screenshots? We heard a lot of people will want that…


That’s great, I didn’t even know the Mac had an on screen keyboard :smile:


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Is there any way of binding a keyboard shortcut to pulling up the keyboard viewer? That way we could bind a quick access key to Astropad to make it available.

I’d also like to see Astropad get the ability to pull up the iOS on-screen keyboard, since it’s a bit easier to work with and always on the right spot on the screen, and could also theoretically take advantage of typing correction and stuff too (at least if it’s set up to talk to the UI framework directly or whatever, or if there’s a line-at-a-time entry mode or the like). But th eexisting solution is Good Enough for what I need an OSK for. I just think it could be a lot better too. :slight_smile:


I second implementing the IOS keyboard as a remote keyboard for the mac. would be much easier to use


Thanks! I was thinking how annoying it would be to run upstairs to my office to type things in but this solves that! Thanks!


I second the need for an onscreen keyboard within astropad.

The problem I have with the OSX solution is that there’s no good way to fit it into my screen space. I need to have the File,Edit,etc menus showing and the keyboard shortcut is on the other side of the menu bar. You can’t just toggle between fullscreen and 100% because you lose your window position when you go back to 100%.


In addition to an on screen keyboard, BTW, I like that the modify keys can be moved to the right as I’m a lefty.

Two other related requests:

When the Circle button is on the right side of the screen, move AstroPads toolbar to the right.

Allow Application sets for Astropad’s shortcuts. For instance the Eraser in Painter is different than Photoshop but some artists might use both at the same time. So when switching Applications, would be cool if Astropad knew which Artist app you were on and switch to its application set. Some things in Painter can be moved over but not its toolbar commands.


You can move the mod keys already, just drag them. Same for the sidebar and the ring button.

We have plans to support per app shortcuts !


Awesome. That works for me.


When I use Mac’s Screen Keyboard, I usually shove it to the bottom when I’m not using it. Lately, I’ve gotten away from it and just use my Mac Bluetooth keyboard when at my desk and when away just paint and draw.