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Offset apple pencil on my iPad pro

hi, when using my pencil i can see an offset between the point i touch on my iPad Pro and the actual start line in Adobe CC… when i touch center of my iPad screen it is all ok, the more i go the edge of my screen, the biggest the offset…it looks like a zooming issue…Anyone has a clue to fin it ? is it related to the size of the screen i m capturing on my 27" mac ?

This happens when using any Adobe program? Are you using a screen protector at all?
If possible, could you send a video of this happening to us: support[at]

Also having this problem with a 9.7 iPad Pro and 2011 27" iMac with the latest OS versions. the accuracy is perfect on 100% mode, but this is far to small and pixelated to really work with. If I zoom out further the cursor is about a centimetre from the tip, though the magenta line is is still where i would expect it to be. This happens regardless of which app is being used.

Did you ever find a solution gregiore?

What programs is used with Astropad when this occurs?

It happened regardless of what I was using, even I was just navigating the OS. There was a weird issue with the aspect ratio too. Until I was zoomed in a certain amount, the view on my iPad was letterboxed, even if the edges of the screen weren’t visible, and that’s when the offset occured. When I zoomed in further, it went full screen and the offset disappeared, but the aspect ration was stretch vertically to fill the screen.

However, I’m embarased to admit that the solution was simply to restart the app… After that it worked impressively well, even over my terrible wifi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the added details.
The black bars stayed no matter the zooming size?

Glad you were able to resolve it and you’re enjoying Astropad.
If it reoccurs again please let us know.

The black bars disappeared when I zoomed in to a certain amount, but then the image became stretched.

Will do :slight_smile: