Next Frontier Design Contest



A work on typo



My next frontier with Astropad


Hey, guys and girls! Here’s my little experiment with Astropad App, Photoshop brushes and mystery name “NextFrontier”.
Yeah, I know the logo has an awesome dog, but maybe the next feature will involve an awesome cat?


Head & Heart Drawn Together on Glass, Shaped by a Question Mark


The Next Frontier Contest
Sorry about the typo :blush:


Here is the top lil Astro Dog - Cosmic very hard at work!

Thank you for your consideration!

Creatively Kind, Kayleigh Castle


This is my contribution to the Next frontier Design Contest. My interpretation in pushing my own art boundaries is never stop dreaming and exploring! Thanks.


Updated designs
These designs are a reflections on the White Helmuts in Syria. But, not only them but all emergency service persons. I feel that we have a responsibility to our communities to serve and protect each other. So the idea of Exploring uncharted territory reminded me of what it is like to search through a collapse or to fight a fire in a multi story building with inhabitants. My art generally centers upon human endeavors, achievements and perseverance. We should all Explore Uncharted Territory as we move through the Next Frontier.



Thanks for your consideration. :slight_smile:


Congratulations Philip !


Thanks a lot Astro team !!!


Were the winners announced?


Thank you to all of the artists who entered the contest! We received so many stellar submissions! :stars:

We chose Phil Altstatt’s Astropups as the winning design. We’re printing his artwork on an official Astropad t-shirt - available for purchase via Cotton Bureau - and passing on all profits directly to Phil. → Get Astropad T-Shirt on Cotton Bureau

First Place: Phil Altstatt

Runner Up: Nathalie Vanbelle

Runner Up: Mantas Baciuska