Next Frontier Design Contest


1. Create: Design a work of art (illustration, comic, painting, hand-lettering, sketch) around the theme The Next Frontier: Exploring Uncharted Territory. How are you pushing boundaries with your art? What uncharted territory are you exploring? We want to know what inspires you.

2. Share: Post your work on Instagram and tag #NextFrontier and @astropadapp or upload it to this community topic. Note: The artist will maintain ownership of all artwork submitted.

3. Win: We’ll select a winning design to be printed on an official Astropad t-shirt, available for sale to the public via Cotton Bureau. The artist will receive 100% of profits from t-shirt sales, along with a ParcSlope and HiRise2 from Twelve South. We’ll also select 2 runner-up winners to receive the ParcSlope.

Deadline: November 4, 2016.




Here,s something for the Next Frontier Contest,brilliant app!!!.


I send you my contribution to the contest.


My contribution to the #nextfrontier contest. Great app, congenial developers!


My entry :slight_smile:




The Next Frontier: Imagination


:rocket: As a kid I always dreamt of exploring outer space in a self-built rocket. I wonder what we’ll find up there…



“Phont, the Graphic Designer” on a ride with Astro…


The Next Frontier is the next generation, the “AstroPups”


The Astro team is swooning over these pups!


Wow, thanks for sharing! And thank you to the Astro team for inspiring creativity.


Here is my proposal for the next frontier
Thanks a lot to Astropad’s team


my submission for the New Frontiers comp.





This one is awesome, but kinda dystopian :slight_smile: