New iPad Pro transfer speeds?


Does Astropad take advantage of the USB 3.1 transfer speeds of the new usb-c iPad Pro? My understanding is that it was limited to usb 2.0 speeds, but that cap should be lifted now on that hardware, correct?


i wanna know this issue. plz anwer this question.


Any good news friends? I’m thinking of upgrading my iPad Pro soon.


From what I’ve seen on places like Reddit, Astropad performance is identical on the new iPad.

But this recent comparison between USB-C 2.0 and USB-C 3.1 on a 2018 iPad Pro demonstrates that the potential for much faster throughput appears to be there.

iPad Pro 2018 USB-C 2.0 vs USB-C 3.1 Cable Speed Test:


At least Astropad has been updated to 3.0. My first gen 12” iPad Pro and MId 2014 MBP very little latency. But my MacBook Pro fans kick in right away and things are running much hotter.


This sounds promising, but can we get confirmation from the Devs on this? I feel like this is very simple to either confirm or deny :slight_smile: