New Apple Pencil & iPad Pro 3 Compatibility


Astropad does not seem to work on my new iPad Pro (late 2018) and new Apple Pencil. Has anyone discovered a workaround?


Has anyone else tried the new Apple Pencil and new iPad Pro with Astropad? It does not work yet for me… wondering if a new version of Astropad for iOS will fix the issue.


The astropad blog post of November 7th says that the latest version works with the new 3rd Gen Ipad Pro. Have you tried it out?


I did. It works but at first not with the new Apple Pencil. Now it seems to be working with the Pencil but struggling with using it in Illustrator. Just too many options in Illustator that are quirky in Astropad- not the best solution right now.

Will still try to figure out why some commands do not work, but on a basic level the iPad and Pencil are tracking with Astropad.


I haven’t had any issues with mine, but I’ve only worked in PhotoShop. May play with Illy one day, never had a reason to.


What Mac OS is in use? And which iPad Pro model is in use as well?
And which Illustrator version?