My take on Chicken Licken


Hi Guys!

I Posted this on my Twitter feed and was asked to post it here on the Community, so here goes…

Here’s my take on #ChickenLicken for todays @Daily__Doodle topic.
All done on the @astropadapp !!

Hope you like it!

(Hello all BTW)


Thanks for sharing, great work



Awesome! Thanks Giovanni!!


That’s a really great drawing, thanks for sharing! Would it be OK for we shared this on our Astropad Instagram?


Of course!!!

Go for it.


Great style and acting. The pose and facial expression tells a great little story.


Thanks Tom! I’m Glad you like it.


Have you got a portfolio link? I’d love to see more of your work.


true! lot of drama uh?


Wow I love this chicken! Where can i see more of your work?


Thank you Michelle!

You can Follow me on Twitter (@mikeybdoodles) for more of my scribbles!



:+1: Great coloring and style, you should do an entire children’s book.