My setup. (mischief)


Note caffeine running at top … stops mac from going to sleep.
Note Keyboard tucked away ready to pull up when needed.
And my shortcut keys for mischief,That bar needs to be thinner, screen real estate is to valuable for that size bar.


customfx - I’m new to Astropad and mischief - just wanted to ask: is it possible for palm not to add lines/draw on Mischief artboard?



@graffig what kind of stylus are you using?

@customfx thanks for the feedback! So are you working from the couch or some other location? It sounds like you are wireless and not near your Mac. Thanks just trying to better understand how you are using it


As per other post ‘Intuos Creative stylus’ will look to purchase JaJa


Don’t know about the jaja but I ordered the yufu pro three years ago and haven’t seen a thing yet. Read up on the internet about this.