My Ipad-pro (generation2)is not working with standaer astropad

Hi! I have an Ipad pro, generation 2, that I was using with adobe creative. Since I updated the ios from Sierra to Calatilna, my devices are not working. It looks that the program can not connect. Why? I use my iPad as graphic tablet with my aple pen. Now I can no use them.

If using USB, you may have to reset your iPad’s “Trust this Computer” setting so the two devices can talk again:

Note that the names Sierra and Catalina refer to the Mac’s system software, not the iPad. Newer versions of MacOS have introduced obtrusive security restrictions that may hamper usage and cause unexpected behavior. Check the Privacy section of the Security preference pane in System Preferences for anything with Astropad or Luna in its name. If using Wi-Fi, verify that they’re on the same network, then try forcing a manual connection from the Mac Astropad application.

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