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My First Illustration Ever (used Astropad and Finger w/ Photoshop

My first attempt at illustration, thought it would be easier now that I found Astropad (recommended by a blog I follow). Don’t have a stylus, I’ll definitely be looking into getting one now after I saw how useful this application made my iPad, which is no easy task seeing as it’s an iPad 2 and I haven’t touched it in over 6 months. This app worked flawlessly after I got the hang of it on my iPad 2! NOTHING works on that brick. I can’t wait to use it in my photo manipulations!


Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing! I’m impressed you did this with your Finger. I’m also partial to nature scenes :grinning:

For the iPad 2 we recommend the Hex3 JaJa as you’ll get some pressure support. Check out our blog for info on it (all the way at the bottom):