My best friend and me


An illustration I made with Astropad, using my iPad mini 2, photoshop cc, the pencil by 53, and Kyle Webster’s brushes.

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I love how surreal it feels! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much! I hope to make a bunch more of these. How’s the pencil support coming?


We are working on it! We should have it by the end of April… pencils ehm… fingers crossed :smile:


Need any beta testers? I’d love to use it in my Typefight at the Creative South design conference in a few weeks. :wink:


We will try to make that happen!


@zswilkinson can we also get the high res version of the car riding bear? :wink: that was also lovely

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This app is wonderful. Though It just disconnect sometimes. But it was indeed a good app. i use iPad 3. And with a price of 30 AUD it was fine I guess.