Multiple Application Control Palettes


I prefer using Astropad with Illustrator CC. But if I need to go between Photoshop, Illustrator, or another drawing app, currently, Astropad has one palette of application controls in the Preferences. Key commands for the same action could be different depending on the application. Instead of manually managing these key commands every time I am in a different application, it would be great to have multiple application control palettes that can be customized beforehand, allowing the ability to go between applications easier.


Yea, I hear ya. We are working on it!

It drives me crazy as well :smiley:



The ability to added more shortcuts would be cool as well. There is limited space available, so perhaps cascading menus or some way of utilising the touch interface on the iPad.

BTW I’ve literally just bought Astropad for iPad and it’s taken me all of 10 minutes to get up and running with it. Great product :grinning:




We plan to make the shortcuts much more powerful


Seconded. I would like to see even a second column of shortcuts. Seems likely that they could fit within the same space as the current single column.


I cordially greet you for the first time. Thank you all for the opportunity to use the program and your attention.

I am also waiting. Mission Control and cmd + Tab.

Best Regards!