Mouse right click


Hi there,
I understand that your goal is selling subscriptions and this 5x faster sh*t with billiards of colors and bla bla bla. I don’t need stupid magic gestures and other stuff. I just need mouse right click on iPad for work, and you know that! Otherwise Standard version of your app is useless and you know that! Tell me how many fingers or toes, or some magic dance should I use to call mouse right click in Astropad Standard on iPad, or I’m gonna request a refund. Aggressive marketing should not be your choice when you are making something perfect. I’m ready to pay for a decent app, but not when I feel that someone is forcing me to go with a subscription for a mouse right click only. Standard version has a perfect quality if you are not watching 60fps movies on it. How you’ll reconsider it and looking forward to your reply regarding my questions above. Thanks!


Hi! There’s a way to do that. In the iPad setting enable the smart buttons, is gonna appear the buttons in the screen. So if you hold alt + tap in the screen is gonna do right click function.