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Mother's Day Greeting Card

Hello everyone! I created this greeting card for Mother’s Day in the Middle East using Astropad with Illustrator, this was my first digital art piece! I was surprised at how easy the app was to use with my LOGiiX stylus, it was very responsive and I was so happy with the whole process and the end result. For a while I’ve been considering buying the Wacom tablet but then I found out about Astropad and I’m very happy and satisfied. Keep up the great work with this wonderful app!


That’s looking great! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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That’s great! I wish I could draw my Mom a card like that. I better get practicing :smiley:

What app did you use on the Mac?

Hehehe thanks a lot! Yes practice makes perfect! :grin:
I used Illustrator CC (2014)

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