Modifier keys not working in Photoshop?


I’m having an issue right now where modifier keys aren’t working as expected in Photoshop on Astropad (standard edition, with Luna Display). In particular, holding down a modifier key while clicking with the Apple Pen is as if the modifier key hasn’t been pressed at all. I am using the modifier keys on the built-in keyboard on my MacBook.

For example, if I have the magic wand tool selected and try shift-clicking multiple regions, only the last region will actually have its selection active afterward. Similarly, I can’t use cmd-drag to edit points on a path or use shift to constrain drawing to a straight line.

Any idea what’s going on? I’m not having these problems with a Wacom on my desktop, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a Photoshop issue. (Also shift-clicking with the trackpad works just fine, but that’s annoying to do.)


If you use Astropad’s onscreen quick keys, or shortcuts sidebar for the same command,
does the same things happen? What iOS and Mac OS are installed?
Also, what version of Photoshop are in use?
Is Wacom driver the latest or a recent version?

Any recent update or installs of the following third-party plugins, utilities, or drivers on your Mac?

For example -
SteerMouse ver. 5
Share Mouse

These are a few known in the past to conflict input with Astropad.


I do not use Astropad’s onscreen quick keys (I never seem to build the motor memory for them); however, they do work correctly. Now that I’ve been reminded of their existence I’ll try to remember to use them instead. :slight_smile:

iOS 11.4.1 (15G5077a)
macOS 10.13.6
I do not have the Wacom drivers installed on this machine at all (to clarify, I use AstroPad on my laptop, and my Wacom is connected to my desktop)

I do have Magnet installed, but none of the others. Quitting Magnet does not fix the problem at all though, nor does telling it to ignore Photoshop.


I’ve made a note of this and we’ll investigate to figure out what the issue is!

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Shift-clicking seems to be working now, although it doesn’t seem that anything has updated. iPad is running Astropad 2.4.1, MacBook is running 2.4 (3033). Weird.


Hi guys - my Photoshop also has this problem, as does After Effects. I can’t select multiple with shift / command keys, can’t move across the screen with spacebar or anything like that. I was using Astropad yesterday and this issue wasn’t there… As far as I’m aware nothing’s changed since then. Any ideas? I’m on PS 19.1.6 and iPad Pro 12"

Thank you and hello :slight_smile:


@danstan Does this not work when using Astropad’s sidebar shortcuts? On-screen keys? Or the Mac keyboard?

If you try a Preferences reset in Photoshop, as well as After Effects, is there any change?

How to do this – Command + Option + Shift as you start the program.
(This is the method for both Photoshop and After Effects.)