Missing clicks in Illustrator?



I recently returned to Astropad as my main creative setup (having left in 2016). The new speeds in both wired and wireless make this now a brilliant option over a cintiq- I love it!

Anyway the only issue I’ve not been able to solve is in Adobe Illustrator. For some reason every 3rd or 4th hit with the Apple Pencil on the canvas is missed. It just takes me tapping again but it does get annoying. This occurs with every tool, in both Wi-fi and USB mode.

I note that this problem doesn’t occur outside the canvas, or in any other app. I have to reselect points, or restart shapes I’m making with the pen tool.

Any ideas?


Just realised that this isn’t quite as random as I thought.

It appears I have to “activate” the artboard sort of, by clicking it once whenever I’ve clicked outside of it. That initial click isn’t registered, but every one following that is.

For example if I change tools or do anything in the layer panel, when I return to the canvas (artboard) I have to be mindful of an initial click that won’t be registered. But once that is out of the way, I can work freely until clicking outside again.

Still- any ideas of a setting this might be? Or is it something I’m to get over? Cheers!!



Which version of Illustrator are you using?
This sounds like this is the same issue discussed here in the past –

We’re not sure why only Illustrator has this issue, but somehow it always lacks the first tap when accessing the artboard, especially after changing a menu item or tools. It’s as you mentioned, it’s like you’re activating the artboard.



Yes unlike that thread, I can continue working as long as I don’t click away from the artboard on menu items or tools, I don’t have to tap each time to use.

I’ve spotted that if I choose a ‘secondary tool’ i.e. when you hold down the shaper tool to reach the pencil- it registers first time.

I’m using Illustrator CC 2019, MacOS Sierra, wacom drivers installed.


This is good details are helpful!
We’ll have to investigate further into this on our end.

It does sounds similar to the issue in the thread, at least they could be related.
Thank you for your patience.


Yes it does seem to be! Just wondering if this happens to everyone and is recreated at the office?

If it was a rare problem I could try reinstalling illustrator/clean installing MacOS/ messing around with drivers etc.

But if it happens to all there’s nothing I could do. I’ve been trawling through youtube videos to see if people generally have to re-hit the artboard but it’s too specific to find.