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Mischief and Astropad combo

Here’s a suggestion regarding the combination of Mischief and Astropad.
I’m beginning to like your app!

I had to do some silly things like a work-around for my keyboard. (mine is Azerty,
default is Qwerty) so a switch between those keyboard layouts would be nice
The square brackets are impossible to make on my keyboard. It is possible to type them in text, but not to use them as keycombo)
I figured out the move key too… (besides spacebar and drag, I can also use H)
Maybe a few more keys could be added (custom, by user himself ?) for things like reset canvas view etc…

I hope I’m not nagging too much…


There are all very reasonable requests.
it sound like we need to do a better job at supporting international keyboards.

We shall improve!


Still the same problem with configuring on my Czech keyboard. Even switching keyboards in OS X settings does not help. A lot of trials!

Thanks for listening us.