Mirroring vs Second Monitor


I would love the second monitor option too.
I’ve just purchase and I love Astropad, including now with the latest update who made possible for me to use it over wi-fi (yeah, I couldn’t till yesterday). But I would love to see some things on my macbook, like references, iTunes, videos or whatever, without having to swipe between programs every time.
Right now, I do that using my iPhone on my workflow too, and it is not cool. Specially if you think you have a computer right on the side that serves you “just for the keyboards”.


Is duel monitoring in the works at all? I really like astropad you guys did a great job with everything! But duel monitoring is a deal breaker for me. Also…will the pencil and iPad combo ever have a hovering cursor feature through Astropad?


I would like to chime in and add another voice to this request. Having the option to use my iPad as a second monitor and tablet simultaneously would be a godsend. With this feature, there would be nothing that a Cintiq could offer which wouldn’t already be covered by Astropad and an iPad Pro. Cheers!


I’ve also created an account to say that I’d love to see Second Monitor as a feature with Astropad. Having my iPad as a second monitor would greatly help with the screen clutter when working in UI-heavy programs like Photoshop.

Thank you for all of your hard work thus far!


I would use both mirroring and 2nd monitor equally. When I’m at my studio I use it as a mirror to do tasks that are more natural with hand-on-screen (laying paths, for example), but when I’m on the road it is super useful to have any iPad as a 2nd display and switch back and forth. For instance it would be great to have one screen full of my panels and menus that I could switch back and forth from on my iPad without having to resort to switching to a mouse at all


It’s a great idea. This way will have native Ipad resolution screen. We wouldn’t have to select a part of the display to mirror our screen. We can use the separate screen/Ipad screen to display our design program and use the main display to do all the day-to-day computer operation.

I think it would improve the pixel lag situation as well.


Hi Malyse,

Any status update on second monitor by chance? :grinning:



@Candi No, unfortunately.
We’ll definitely inform the Astro community when we figure out a solution.


Ok, i am actually really dissapointed that there is no second monitor option. With such a good product idear it feels like you dropped the ball on this one. Why would i need to see the same thing on both monitors? This is a pain. Just bought a ipad pro and your app with exactly this function in mind. Ipad for drawing, mac monitor for reference. Never expected this :frowning:


I totally agree. This is something i thought would be a given. Very useless.


We finally can provide a great 2nd screen experience in Astropad thanks to Luna Display:


I just want Astropad can turn an Ipad Pro become a second monitor, and we can draw on it with full sencivity of Apple pencil.
Thanks you for an awsome app.
From Vietnam