Mirroring vs Second Monitor


Hmm Im kind of disappointed. This app based on mirroring is somewhat pointless, im trying to get a refund because im not really satisfied with this purchase.


I’ve just bought AstroPad (£22) and discovered that it only supports mirroring. I just presumed (duh!) that it would have a mode to run as a second screen.

I’d just like to encourage the Astropad team to consider adding this functionality if possible.


Yeah, I also thought it would have second monitor and keyboard functionality. Please make these happen!


Second screen display, is a feature we would like to consider, but it will take time to develop.
Keyboard support will be added soon.


This issue is a BIG disappointment for me too. Just bought the app 10 minutes ago and totally thought it would have a dual screen mode. Pretty bummed. I hope they add this option very soon.


I recall bringing this up in an email to the developers a long time ago and they proposed a very interesting possibility. You can buy these cheap dongles from Amazon (or whatever) that just trick the Mac into thinking they have an external monitor and then AstroPad goes about its job mirroring that. You can move your Mac windows into that phantom monitor and work there while AstroPad shows you what’s happening.


I would love to have Astropad act as a second monitor. Also I feel like there should be a focus app option like OBS does so I only have the app of my choice showing and nothing else on my iPad, then I could have reference open in preview or any other app no be able to answer messages and the like without it showing up on my iPad.


Definitely would like astropad to add functionality as extension of primary display. It would give a reason to carrying iPad and macbook together!

For those of us who use big spreadsheets AND photo editing software, it would be an amazing mobile solution.

It would also eat into the territory of display mirroring software makers :open_mouth:


I think it would already be a great enhancement, if I could have Astropad display a given window and make me draw inside that (like you select one window in Skype for screen sharing). In the end I’d also love to see dual-screen mode. :slight_smile:


Yes, it would be awesome to have options for a second screen!

I’m accustomed to using 2 screens for design work and much prefer it to switching screens.

I was kind of hoping / almost assuming it already had that functionality when I bought the app If I’d done my research properly, I might even have not bought it upon learning that. In the end, I ended up getting duet as well.


heartfully agree that getting a second monitor option would be amazing. At home I have a second monitor so its not an issue there. But sometimes I take my macbook and my iPad out to work at a cafe, and I really feel like I’m just wasting a whole screen where I could put my reference photos.

Understandable if there are technical issues that are hard to overcome but I’d gladly even pay some extra for this feature to be honest.


This comparison between Astropad and Duet may be helpful to some. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhm4IwF0yCA


I just picked up a Fit Headless 4k dongle to plug into my Macbook Pro to use as an emulated monitor. Basically I have Astropad mirror the emulated monitor, and leave my built in display on the Macbook for my reference monitor. It works like a charm. It really helps give that more Cintiq-like experience. I highly suggest it to anyone that wants to use Astropad as a second monitor until Astropad allows for this without the use of a dongle.


Any ETA on keyboard?

I agree with others who have posted here about a second monitor functionality.


That’s already outdated though, Duet added pressure and some other drawing features last week.


@Candi We’re aiming to have keyboard support by ETA early next year.

Thanks for the feedback as well!


Awesome, and you’re welcome Malyse. Thanks! :slight_smile:


It would be really great to have the option of using the iPad as a second monitor instead of mirroring the main one. It would have multiple uses, for design or just adding an extra screen to production. Any plans on that?


I should have read this forum before purchasing because without a secondary monitor function, this app is useless to me. Count me among the disappointed. It would be nice if you would provide a trial version, so users don’t feel ripped off when the app doesn’t meet their needs.


@Daniel_Colon Apologies for the disappointment.

If Astropad does not fit for your workflow and you would like a refund,
please send us an email to support[at]astro-hq.com.