Mirroring vs Second Monitor


Ok great, thank’s for sharing these screenshots. Yea, this is very hard to describe but from this one picture and I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve run into this myself but I thought perhaps it was my poor artistic ability :smiley:

Seriously though, it looks like both the curve and the pressure have “kinks” in them. There maybe some smoothing we can do on the software side (that I also suspect Wacom is doing).


How long before we should see any updates to things like palm rejection and line smoothing? I’ve had astropad kind of on the back burner for a few weeks since I’ve been working on a lot of line work pieces and had to break out the intuos. Hoping switch back over to astropad!



We just release an update, version 1.1. that should help with palm rejection, especially for the Adonit styluses.
We haven’t had a chance to work on the line smoothing yet, just too many things to do :frowning:

Give the latest a try and let me know how it fares!


I just got my Apple Pencil and bought Astropad to see if it could replace my Cintiq. However, I am not seeing any option to use it as a monitor, as with Air Display, so I’m here. I don’t understand why you would want the same content on more than one screen. :confused:


The option to setup as a dual screen as well as mirroring would be great. I think image only would be good but also the option to bring up tool bars etc.

I’m waiting on my iPad Pro and Apple pencil and currently have a Wacom 27Cintiq with the remote. Has anyone tried using the EspressKey Remote with Astropad? Plugging in the usb part of the remote into the Macbook directly?!?

I’ve already checked that you can control apps with it without the Cintiq being plugged in and it works fine. So, I guess it should be possible to use it in combination with the Astropad. Would save the need of having a keyboard near by as it can contain most if not all of the usual commands needed!


I agree. Dual Monitors as an option would be FANTASTIC. it would be great to be able to switch between mirroring and dual monitor based on what project I’m working on.


I have a question regarding the speed and pixelation issue that sometimes occurs because of lack of bandwidth / speed, is this going to be solved once Apple releases lightening > USB 3 cables, will this extra speed result in better performance for the iPad Pro?

Also I vote for both Mirroring and dual display options and orientation by rotation such that I can place my ipad in protrait mode and just have tools or other applications running through my mac.

Could the dual graphics cards on my macbook pro, the integrated and the discreet graphics, be utilised and directed to run one app, could Astropad use the integrated graphics card for its purposes while the computer uses the discreet graphics card for its purposes? can this be utilised or is it one or the other?


To enable your iPad as a duel monitor, what you would need to do is physically have duel monitors on your desktop. Then mirror your second monitor.

Most designers, editors, graphic people work with duel monitors, Monitors are extremely cheap now a days, I don’t know any editors, or designers, even college students that don’t have duel monitors. Most people put their tool palets and things on one screen and their main artboard on the second one. This way all the tools and windows are out of the way and they can focus just on the artboard while they still have the option to glance at the first screen with the main program windows up. Putting just your artboard on the second screen, you can run this App and just clone that second screen.


If the dev’s want to know a good way to have second monitor support without actually having a physical second monitor to mirror, like I stated in my last comment, they should research on how to mirror a virtual/multiple desktop, Many OS’s like Windows and OSX- have a (apple name-“Mission Control”) Where the users can set up multiple, (virtual) desktops on one screen.


Has there been any progress made on this? This is almost a deal breaker for me on astropad. Right now astropad and duet are the two major players in the “cintiq replacement” category, but duet can’t do pressure sensitivity, and cropping your main display is just impractical. If this is an implementation problem, please feel free to contact me. I think I can point you to where you’d need to go.


I use the trackpad to my iMac, just keep it next to me, as I was shown to move right-handed and draw left-handed. (Left handed artist) I use to trackpad to zoom/pan on AD. It cuts time down in the long run.


There are some technical and accuracy issues that I am sure the Enginners will explain.

Perhaps what Astropad, could one day, do is offer a floating resizable window that could contain reference material. Til then you can cascade two views in Photoshop or show reference material in the graphics library pallet also in Photoshop.

An alternative would be to use two physical monitors on your Mac. I bought a 20 inch fell ultra sharp for just 100 dollars. It was refurbished but makes a great second display that matches the iPad pro’s 3:4 aspect ratio.

Third option, use two iPads. One as a second USB display via Duet or Air Display. Then use Astropad via WiFI to mirror your main display. Disclaimer: For my last bought with Duet, it created a blank Menu Bar and was not compatible with the latest version of Photoshop CC which produced a blank Canvas. That’s one of the big +'s with Astropad. It just works.

Fourth, AirPlay with AppleTV to show reference Material.

Fifth, for second monitor get an actual USB display. This is one option, I have not delved into.


If you disable Photoshop’s 30-bit color option under preferences, you won’t get a blank canvas in Photoshop under Duet. Though I found Duet to be really laggy/slow, just not in a pixilated way.


I[quote=“AlexLamPhoto, post:7, topic:135”]

I use my 13" Cintiq as second monitor, and move Photoshop to that screen entirely. Like to do all my drawing and painting in 100%, and then have a second window of my drawing on my monitor in ‘show all’ mode as reference.

Would love a similar option using Astropad :smile:


Duet also uses compression to speed up the video and it doesn’t support pressure or tilt for the Apple Pencil.

Astropad is really designed for WiFi and to be away from your Mac.


Yes it would be an amazing to have the option of mirroring or use as second screen! Depending on my setup I can see both uses cases very helpful especially when connected to an iPadPro while traveling.


I absolutely want dual screen functionality. Mac has multiple desktop functionality so astropad should be able to display one particular desktop on iPad Pro. For instance, if I can watch video tutorial with desktop 2 on Mac, while drawing in Photoshop with desktop 3 on iPad Pro since its assigned something like that. I assume this is not that hard fun functionality to launch, while highly productive for many creators.


There is a technical reason why the Astropad Engineers are not able to offer it as a second screen.

Here it is:

In the mean time, you can snag one or two 27" Apple Thunderbolt Displays for $560 ea. plus $45 shipping off eBay. Which is a pretty good deal since they go for $799 refurbished and $899 newly used and $999 new.

If you are on a budget, you can get refurbished or used 1600x1200 Dell 20" DVI displays for $150.00 in Grade A condition.

I have a Mame system that is on a 20" Dell Display and my Home Office Retina Mac has two 27" Thunderbolt Displays. I’m thinking about getting a back tray where the Laptop can sit behind the display tucked away. I really don’t have room to use the MacBook Pro as a Tertiary display.

Duet is okay as a Second display, but it has some limitations like No pressure sensitivity or support for the Apple Pencil. IMHO, it is also very buggy. Updates often introduce deal breaker bugs for me.


I am sold on the IPad Pro and Astropad if dual screen functionality is something that might be implemented in the future. Doubling as a second desktop would be great. However, reading the above post, makes it sound unlikely.


Having dual screening with Astropad would be a great option for me. There is never enough screen space.