Mirroring vs Second Monitor


Just wondering if a second monitor option is in the works or if that’s already available? I love the idea of being able to use 2 screens rather than just a mirroring display! That way I can have references and things up on my computer while I draw on my tablet.


Yes, great idea.
The menus and other click stuff, and references open on the mac, and drawing on the iPad.
I love it !



Thanks for the suggestions. Right now we don’t have a second monitor option.
Tell me more though, how would you want it to work? Would you want mirroring at all, or would you always want your iPad to show up as a second screen?


In my case,( as I’m so used to draw with my eyes on the screen) I would use it as a second screen.


I definitely think it could be a good idea to have both options, mirroring and second display, just because I know people have different preferences. Personally, I’m always going into preferences trying to find if there’s an option to change it to a dual display because I just need more screen space!

I purchased this app, an ipad, and the adonit jot 4 instead of buying a cintiq but the main things I feel like I’m missing are:

  1. The ability to have two monitors, at school I am always pulling up pose references and inspiration on my computer while drawing on the cintiq, for the most part all I want to be able to see on my iPad is my drawing program, besides the occasional time when I bring my reference onto the screen so I don’t have to keep glancing over.
  2. Palm rejection (My lines often get cut short because my hand bumps the screen, with long sleeves being my only savior. I know it has some palm rejection but I do feel it could be improved)
  3. A little more line quality and more sensitivity to small detail work. I’ve found that my line quality in apps like procreate are stronger with my pressure-sensitive pen than the astropad app.

I love the app so far but I am very excited to see what a new update will bring! I’m hoping it’s coming soon! And if this app keeps improving, who knows maybe I won’t ever get a cintiq and I’ll just upgrade to a bigger and better ipad with this app for my in-home setup!


PS. When I say bigger and better iPad it’s because I’m currently working on the iPad mini for easy portability!


For me I like to use the iPad screen with the IMAGE on it ONLY and keeping the gestures and the PEN so I can zoom in and out rotate for precise retouch and the main adjustment menu with the basic key to auto hide when you retouching than by a tap with your finger to bring out the menus… than your APP will be a 100% KICK ASS no competition and ONLY Pro Photographers and Graphics Designer will use your APP.


Oh my gosh, speaking of rotating, I would love the ability to rotate my canvas with finger gestures like you can on the mac trackpad! I always have to jump back to my computer to rotate my image around!


Hell YES that would be AWESOME than our dream will come true like the WACOM Intuos5 wireless with touch and gesture.


@AlexLamPhoto You want ONLY the image on your iPad? What would you have on your Mac’s screen?

@tinymoonface When you say rotate the canvas, do you mean rotate the canvas in Photoshop (like when you do command-T for a Transform)? Or do you mean you just want to rotate the image on the iPad to have a better angle for your hand?

Thanks for the feedback!


@mronge On the macbook trackpad you can use multitouch gestures to rotate your canvas!


On my MAC screen just the working Program like Adobe Bridge and Photoshop… so the iPad some basic tools like the Adjustments and Layers… This Panel on the iPad with auto hide function:

and the Image so I can do the same gesture like on the trackpad by lifting the pen will activate all gesture function as soon you put the pen on the glass will disable all gesture or TOUCH back and forward than my LEFT hand just pressing the keyboard shortcut and selecting other tools… So make the APP smooth workflow experience for any users.

Hope that Help


Let me MOCK UP my iPad screen with PSD layer so you have and Idea what I’m talking about…
This panel I use it 100% all the time Adjustment, Actions, Brush Preset, Channels, Layers…
I like to see on your new update APP when I use my finger pinching for zoom in and out only work on the main IMAGE at the canvas not the Panel Tools doesn’t matter if I’m using PS, Illustrator or InDesign.


Here is actual screen shot from my iPad make it very difficult to navigate with my main panels and I need them all the time

When I use the move & zoom my canvas image just not as sharp as my computer screen make it kind of difficult to detail job I have a Retina iPad when I zoom in its blur out

I believe using the iPad as a second screen would be better or you can create some kind of scripts that works with PS that would be great.

BTW I just download the latest version from your site.


It sounds like the canvas area is too small for you to pan and zoom properly?

And you would like to see less pixelation when panning and zooming?

Thanks again for the feedback, it’s very helpful!


Will you guys be working on improving line quality? I use this as my main drawing tablet but the lines just aren’t quite as smooth as they are with the wacom tablets.


Are the lines wobbly? What are you seeing?

Also what iPad and stylus are you using?


They are not wobbly, I actually changed from the creatives stylus 2 to the adonit jot touch 4 because the lines were very wobbly with the wacom stylus. I currently have the ipad mini 2.

The lines just don’t flow quite as smoothly with this program as they do on my intuos or cintiq.

These aren’t the greatest examples but the lines just tend to have more kinks and aren’t quite as naturally flowing. I wish I had the words to better explain what I mean. I hope that these screenshots help you to understand.

Here are photos that will hopefuly show you what I mean, you can see how the curves are just smoother and more naturally follow the line I draw:

Drawn in photoshop cs6:

The following are lines drawn with the astropad app on photoshop cs6 :

Hope this helps!!

I greatly appreciate all of the time you and your team is putting into listening to your customers and working to make a wonderful product!


Hi @mronge I know the canvas area is too small that why I need to Zoom In and Out without loosing quality of the image and trying to keep those panel active at all time by auto hidden YOU need to create some kind of Adobe SCRIPT to put those panels over the iPad by installing your APP in any MAC computer not the iPad…

You need to seat down with ADOBE people to help you develop that SCRIPT
And yes I like to see less pixelation while I’m panning and zooming at the iPad screen.

The NEW update won’t connect my Macbook Pro with iPad just nothing happen… Macbook Pro 17" + iPad 4 Retina


Hi @tinymoonface since you already own both pen the Wacom and the Adonit why don’t you combine them into one perfect piece use the adonit NIP into the wacom pen I experiment wit it and is much pleasure for drawing lines…
1- Wacom pen do not remove the actual NIB
2- Adonit NIB need to trim a little bit
3- Make a tiny hole at the wacom nib than insert the adonit nib
and just enjoy your drawing or retouching.

Here is the way to hack the wacom pen

Here is the MOD video by this guy.