Mirroring and Toggling Displays on a Mac with Multiple Monitors


Hi there

I’m a very new user of Astropad, so my apologies in advance if this question has already been covered (I have searched and can’t find anything relevant).

I have a Mac Pro with two monitors connected. I can’t find an easy way to get Astropad to work the way I would like with both displays. When I launch the app on my Mac, I can select which display I’d like to use Astropad with, but what I would really like is to be able to use Astropad on both displays. Ideally, I’d Like some way from the iPad app to toggle between which display is being mirrored full screen and also some sort of overview so I can drag things from one screen to another.

Why is this an issue and why can’t I just load all the Mac apps I need on one screen before launching Astropad? I use Astropad so I can relocate my work from my desk to the sofa. I might find that I click to launch a new browser window, for instance, and it will pop up on the ‘wrong’ display, so I either have to walk back over to my desk and drag the browser window over onto the screen I’m using with Astropad or use a VNC app on my iPad to achieve the same. Not ideal!

I’m hoping there’s a straightforward solution to this - or I’m missing something obvious. I’m otherwise really happy with Astropad - it’s a great app.




@Matt_Doyle Hi Matt, Are you using Astropad Studio? Or Astropad Standard?


Hi there. I am using Astropad Standard. But if the support I need is only available in Astropad Studio, then the would be a good reason to upgrade.


@Matt_Doyle This feature was added recently to Astropad Studio,
more information can be seen on our blog post, here – https://blog.astropad.com/studio-1-7/