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Menu bar option for astropad / luna display mac app

Hi guys, Absolutely loving Astropad and Luna display!

One suggestion though—I like to leave the Astropad mac app open all the time so that it’s easy to connect, but I’m not necessarily using it all the time. Currently the Mac app shows up as a permanent floating window in the middle of the screen unless you’re using it. Is there a way we could get an option to relegate it to a menu bar item instead? I would love to have this run as more of a service, and less of an “I need your attention right now” sort of affair.


Seconded. Been meaning to submit feedback on this ever since I started using Astropad. It’s certainly not a dealbreaker, but it’s a bit of design oversite that I need to deal with the most often.

+1! it’s currently not a dealbreaker, since every time I restart my machine I merely have to close the window once and then it just occupies my dock without bothering me again, but still I’d prefer it to be a tray icon!

Also support either the tray icon OR an auto-hide (minimize) after opening. It is a small annoyance, but an annoyance I have to deal with multiple times a day, everyday.

+1. I second this as well. I use Astropad just enough that I tend to want to keep it running, but hate that it is in the Dock so tend to quit it often when not in use. It would be nice if it could be hidden from the Dock with a preference. I really wouldn’t want it in my menubar either. I’d prefer it be completely hidden, and only appear as needed when a device is connected. In such a design reopening the app would bring back the home screen if needed, but otherwise it would be completely invisible on the Mac unless a device is connected to it.