Maximizing screen size on iPad


Hi everyone. Newbie here and wondering how I can get Adobe Illustrator to appear full screen on my iPad. I manually expand it as far as I can on my Mac, but it seems to have a default size maximum on my iPad. Any tips appreciated.


I’m in the same position. A newbie who does digital fine art and wants to work larger than the default on a iPad Pro 9.7". Astropad Studio is sweet to use but if I’m limited to a print size of about 5" X 7" I’m back to Wacom Intuos and iMac.


The issue is that your screen is probably a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect, but the iPad is a 4:3 aspect. The only way to get it to be fullscreen on the iPad is by having your display be 4:3 as well. The easiest way I’ve found to simulate this is by getting a “dummy display” device and then setting its resolution to a 4:3 aspect such as 1920x1440 or1440x1080, and set your displays to mirror. This means you’ll lose some of the size of your desktop screen though, but there’s no way around this.