Making an Illustrator Brush Stroke Requiring Double Tapping in iOS 10


I am having a bizarre problem since updating to iOS 10 using astropad, apple pencil and the latest version of illustrator CC. My brush strokes, now only register every-other stroke. Meaning to make a brush stroke, I must first tap the screen, then draw the stroke, tap the screen, draw the stroke. If I don’t tap first, the purple line traces my pen, but the stroke does not appear on illustrator. I am also using Sierra beta. Any thoughts?

Missing clicks in Illustrator?

Sorry actually to clarify, the behavior is actually related to when I do anything else other than use the brush tool.

As long as I keep using the brush after the first tap, it continues to work, however if I use any keyboard command or astropad shortcut (usually the undo) I must tap the screen again with the pen to get it to start working again. It seems like a small thing but its super annoying, and would be relieved if there was some way to fix.


Are you using USB or wifi connection? Or this happens with both?

And this wasn’t experienced prior to updating to iOS 10 and Sierra beta?
Is it possible to send us video of this happening? Email to support[at]


Wired or wireless, sent a video. Many thanks.


I am having the same issue. iPad pro 12.9, Apple Pencil, Illustrator CC 2015.3 release, OSX 10.11.4, USB connected. This is the only configuration I have used. I have to double tap whenever switching to any tool to get the tool to start working.


@kmelkight If possible, please send us a video to support[at]
It will help us get a better idea. We know this is an issue with color swatches, but you have to double tap entirely? For all tools and menus? Or just tools?


Same for me. Ipad pro 12.9,apple pencil, osx sierra, illustrator cc 2017(also happend on 2015, got used to it)
Happens for all tools , after doing something else in menus or palletes. Etc.


@saturn Thanks for informing us.
We’re looking into whether this is an issue with Astropad, Illustrator, or a mixture of both.


I have this too, and I have a theory…

If you continue using the pencil on the artboard, all is fine, but when you swap tools or click a colour swatch etc. you have to tap twice on them. When you return to the artboard to have to tap twice to get going. My theory is switching from using the artboard to using elements of the user interface requires an initial tap to switch modes before being able to continue.

It could be Illustrator that causes this issue (it doesn’t appear to happen anywhere else, even in other Adobe apps like Photoshop), but I have noticed that whenever I save anything these days I have to click in the filename field to type in the name - i.e. the dialog box appear and is then unselected. So it could be something to do with a change to Apple’s operating system.

Anyway, theories are all well and good, doesn’t help to solve the problem. Really annoying though. Spoils an otherwise effortless drawing experience.


@Malfeasant Yeah, the need for double tap tends to occur after changing something in the expandable menus (in the top right corner of panels).

Do you have a Wacom driver installed on your Mac? If so, can you let us know the version number?


Hi Malyse!

My Wacom Driver version number is 6.3.21-8.


Does that make a difference? Should I uninstall the driver?


@Malfeasant You’re using the latest driver, so I don’t think it will make a difference uninstalling it.
It’s worth checking to see if there is any difference, though.

We’re not sure why Illustrator is the only one that does this. We’ve checked with the Macbook trackpad, and the need for double taps does happen as well.


I’m not getting the double tap issue on my MacBook trackpad.


@Malfeasant Thanks for the added detail. What Mac OS is in use?
It doesn’t occur after changing something in the expandable menus ( like brush pressure settings menu)?



Changing expandable menus doesn’t solve anything for me :frowning:


@Malfeasant This information helps us as we figure out what might be causing this, it will take some time.
Again so far, this seems more of an Illustrator issue.


Hey guys,

I am new to the community! I am trying to use astropad with illustrator and not having any luck at all !!! I can’t make a single mark on my artwork with any of the tools available in astropad. All I see is the purple line with the cross hairs as described above.

I’ve tried double tapping to select the tools, double tapping on the artboard—nothing works. I don’t know I’m just really clueless or what :frowning_face:

I have Illustrator CS6, an Ipad Pro—apple pencil. astropad has been updated on both my mac and tablet, I’m running on macOS Sierra version 10.12.4

If someone could guide me through what I need to do to create a brushstroke or have anything leave a mark that would be infinitely appreciated by me!!! Thank you so much in advance


@Ana_Petre Is there any Wacom drivers installed on your Mac? If so, is it the latest or an older driver?
Are you able to draw in other programs? Is this only with Illustrator or other programs too?

If possible, please send us a video to support[at] to gives us a better idea of this issue.