Macbook battery killer


Is anyone else experiencing just a hyper accelerated battery draining on their MBP while using the app? I really want to love this app, and getting over the pixelation has been difficult to say the least. Now this? I’m talking like 10-15% drop in the last ten-fifteen minutes that I’ve had the app on. I opened my activity monitor and it was at the top of every category. CPU %'s upwards of 50’s, energy impact over 100 at times! In the time I’ve written this post it drained another 5 percent. Is the only way I’m going to be able to use this app is with my Macbook plugged in?


What is the year and specs of your Macbook Pro? Also programs in use with Astropad?


I have the same issue - using Astropad in conjunction with Clip Studio 1.5.4 on Macbook Pro OS X 10.11.6). Energy usage well over 100 whenever I’m drawing, the battery drains extremely quickly. It’s a late-2013 Macbook, 2.4GHZ, Intel Iris graphics, 8GB RAM.


Yeah, CPU is reaally high. I can only draw with my Macbook plugged in and playing music so I don’t have to listen to that damn computer fan! :speaking_head: :rotating_light:


I don’t experiment extra consumption of resources but I use a desktop…
Neither the fan makes noise and I have a lot of apps open and webpages, it only heats and the fan starts make noise when I open some games, but isn’t nothing related to Astropad, maybe because a desktop Mac is more powerful.


@smersh Are you only using Clip Studio & Astropad in these instances? No other applications or other utilities running in the background?


It happens with just Astropad and Clip Studio running. The fan will often switch on and have to work hard - it can be very noisy. It never switches on (audibly) in any other situation. A reboot usually fixes the fan problem.


@smersh Have you tried doing a SMC reset?
(More info on what it is -

If not, how to do this - with your Macbook on, hold shift key + control + alt/option + power button


Battery issues have gotten worse for me on the new Macbook Pro (with TB)

Any workaround for this?


@jarek_lensa What are the specs of your new MBP? Does it have a discreet graphics card, or just Intel Iris?
Also, what programs are in use?


The mid tier with a Discrete GPU. Battery issues happen in general… with Photoshop, Affinity Designer and Corel.


I’ve been using Astropad for a year, but on the new Macs the battery drains really fast. I saw in Activity Monitor that it uses a really high CPU almost all the time when drawing…Is there any plan to fix this or do I have to get Astropad Studio? Does it use less battery?


So far Studio is draining the battery just as fast for me.


Does anyone know if there is a way to connect the iPad with the MacBook via USB but not letting it charge. (in other words use it solely for the Astropad connection) - I need that coz I often work in trains without WIFI connection and it really bugs me that it drains the MacBook battery…)


Trying the AstroPad Studio, so far as long the internet is good, it work remotely. The pen works great and plus drawings is much easier. On the other hand, its draining the battery of my tablet, and the keyboard has issues with command, option, control, shift… they don’t work accurately.
Does anyone has problems with the tablet after a while? I want to make the best decision, because getting stack with a payment for a program that runs down my iPad.