LunaDisplay Lags and image distortion

Hello, I have just received my luna mini hub.
I thought that I was going to be able to get my imac early 2009 as a 4th display… However, I couldn’t do it because I have already two monitors connected, one on the hdmi and the other on the thunderbolt port. Is there any solution to have my fourth isplay running on my other free thunderbolt port?

I was really looking forward for this moment, but it 's really laggy… it freezes, and the respond is not that good. I’m on a wifi connection. My setup is this one> macbook pro retina late 2013 connected to imac early 2009.
I read on the wifi support page, they recommend switching to a 5g wifi connection. I did so, and it improved, but not as expected.
Does anyone here have a solution to this problem?

i have a 4 monitor setup on my MacPro, with just one GPU.
I have activated high dpi mode, and made custom resolutions for the displays,
so they are using retina mode. With the forth display a have to use normal resolutions,
that the GPU is working properly.

Long story…the thing is, it depends on your GPU and the max resolutions, which it can output.
And on how many ports the output is spread.

I also was thinking about luna display, but for getting it working with my setup i would need to get another GPU. I don`t want to pull cables for use of luna. Would be fun, i would buy another monitor =)