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Luna gestures? Undo, right-click?

I am unable to find any manual or info. What are the Luna Display gestures? Simple things like right-click, undo etc. Nothing that should be working is working…

Luna Display is running fine on iPad Pro and Mac Mini, but it is pretty useless if I cannot use any of my software due to lack of touch support.

Hello Gilowyn, at the moment, Luna only acts a true second display. The only touch functions available are of course, point and lick, and two finger scrolling in the horizontal and vertical directions.

I invite you to try combining Luna with our Astropad product (there’s a 7 day trial for Studio!) if you haven’t already. Luna will run in tandem with the software and the software should give you access to quick edits, undo, right click, etc.

Let me know how that goes!


What do you mean with running in tandem? Is there any tutorial that shows this use case?

Thanks in advance