Luna display works for different wifi network


Hi I plan to buy the luna display dongle.
I would like to use this at work and carry my iPad with my all day. Am I able to use the luna display while I am out of the office wifi and use other wifi network?

Please kindly advise.



Hi Jack,

You are able to use Luna Display on other wifi networks,
just to note wifi connectivity can vary depending on the connection quality of different networks.

Luna will still need your Mac and iPad within the vicinity of each other, whether USB or wifi connection is in-use.



Thanks for your email. I still don’t get it. You can use it for different wifi networks but need the iPad and Mac mini to be closed to one another for use?



Hi Jackson,

The connection range between your Mac and iPad will depend on the quality of your local wireless network.

Luna Display hardware itself doesn’t act like an antenna or facilitate wifi connection on its own,
and does not have remote connection capabilities.


If you’re thinking that you’ll leave the luna dispay dongle in your running computer at work, then travel around with the ipad and remotely access your work computer, then it will not work.

Both the ipad and the computer with the dongle need to be on the same network. They do not however require the internet to be connected.

Its not a connection via internet, its a connection via local network.