Luna Display With & Without Astropad Studio


I got my LunaDisplay last week and love it (see separate post in Tips & Tricks). One question and one maybe but using it with Astropad Studio–other than custom actions in Astropad, is there any advantage of using it with Astropad Studio versus just with its own software? I’m not really finding much difference (especially since I love working in extended rather than mirrored desktop mode). What are the other benefits (or, convince me that I should re-up my subscription next year, lol)?


Glad to hear Luna Display has been working well for you!

With only Luna Display alone, it works as a second display and Apple Pencil will have basic input.

Luna and Astropad together has second screen support, while still accommodating to drawing and creative software. Along with shortcut functions/features of Astropad, pen pressure sensitivity is supported.


hi @Malyse,

(my Luna Display is on its way in a plane to EU :slight_smile: )

Some additional questions.

Does the Astropad Mac App have, when the Luna Display dongle is plugged in, the same functionality =regarding second monitor= as Luna Display Mac App? So you do not have to run/install both apps (Astropad and Luna display)?
Does the Luna Display dongle improve the Astropad App in case of mirroring (a part of) the screen? So are there differences in using Astropad with and without the Luna Display dongle plugged in.

= Feek


Hi @feek,

Happy to hear your Luna will be arriving soon!

Using only Luna Display Mac and iPad apps, your iPad can be used as an extended / second display,
but input is basic and has no pressure sensitivity.

Astropad used together with Luna, allows second display support and pressure sensitivity drawing.

With mirroring, there will not be a difference with using Astropad w/Luna.
We are working to improve this.

If you are using Astropad + Luna Display, you’ll need:

  • Luna Display Hardware piece plugged in directly to the Mac port
  • Astropad Mac app and iPad app running
  • This is the same for both Astropad Standard and Astropad Studio versions

How to run Astropad together with Luna Display hardware:
Turn on both Astropad’s iPad and Mac app, then plug in your Luna Display.

Luna will automatically start up, and a Luna Display menu settings pop-up along side
the usual Astropad menus. Also, the iPad side will be a second/extended screen.


Hi @Malyse,

thnx for the extensive reply. It is all clear. Hope you can improve mirroring Astropad with Luna in the future!

== Feek


What ?
No difference with Luna ws Astropad ?
I just ordered Luna to have a better astropad experience.
It sound like i should cancel my order :-(…


@Bdlapierre There will not be any difference when using Astropad’s usual mirroring.

Luna Display will allow using Astropad’s pressure sensitivity and drawing, while working with your iPad as a second/extended display. This also addresses the inability to adjust aspect ratio and screen resolution with only Astropad.

More info on how Luna works with Astropad, is available here -

Let us know if you have more questions, or contact us support[at] for more questions relating to your order.