Luna Display with Multiple Secondary Monitors


First of all thanks so much Astropad for the great work you guys are doing, I’ve been really annoyed since Target Display Mode was removed from 5K iMacs but now with Luna I might have the answer I’ve been looking for!

I’ve searched the forums but I haven’t found an answer to this particular question so wanted to ask it here before I buy so I’m fully informed. Anyway, I have a 2019 15" MacBook Pro that I want to use as my Primary Display (it’s from my work and has a lot of programs/security stuff that I can’t use without using this laptop), I’d also like ideally to be able to use it in Clamshell mode to save space on my desk. I also have a 27" Retina 5K iMac that at the moment is just taking up space on my desk so I want this to be designated as my secondary display. In addition to this I am going to purchase a Dell UltraSharp U2719D that will be connected to the iMac via a Thunderbolt3 to DisplayPort adapter.

If I use Luna in this way will I be able to extend my desktop not only across the iMac screen but also across the Ultrasharp as well? So to give a concrete example, suppose I open a Safari window within Luna on my iMac, will I be able to drag this across onto the UltraSharp? In addition I’ve seen posts about Luna not support Retina resolutions which is not the worst thing in the world but what is the maximum resolution support at the minute?