Luna Display on a USB-C hub?


So, my situation is that I have a late-2017 iMac, which has two USB-C ports. However, I’m going to need three USB-C devices hooked up - a FireWire interface, an HDMI adapter (for an external monitor), and, of course, the Luna Display when that finally ships. As far as I understand all three of those devices are Thunderbolt 3.

Are there any existing USB-C hubs that would be able to allow me to plug at least two of those devices into one of the USB-C ports on my iMac? I’m not even finding any USB-C hubs that have USB-C ports at all (at least, not ones which actually function for data or the like) so I don’t even know how I’m going to deal with this when LunaDisplay ships.


Not sure of good USB-C hubs, are you looking to have a hub that has both HDMI and Firewire ports included?
Or just one that better supports plugging in multiple adapters?

For sure Luna Display would have to be connected directly to your iMac.

We don’t recommended using Luna with adapters.
With adapters, performance quality is not always consistent or reliable.


If there were a hub that had both FireWire and HDMI that would satisfy my requirements but I haven’t found such a thing.