Luna Display needs to be extremely clear that it doesn't support Retina iMac secondary displays

Big warning to potential buyers, and something that needs to be made much more clear! After researching this product I was convinced that it would work to use my Retina iMac as a secondary display. Your product pages mention Retina support in Mac to Mac mode numerous times. After buying and receiving my Luna Display today, I looked and looked for some way to enable Retina resolution on my iMac secondary display. I finally found this sentence buried at the very end of one of your support pages: “Please note, at this time, Luna Display supports the iMac as a non-Retina display when using Mac-to-Mac mode.”

This is very deceptive and is a huge bummer. I’m never going to use this thing for just a quarter of the resolution of my secondary display. The only reason I chose Luna Display over other options was the highly-advertised Retina support, which it turns out doesn’t exist for iMacs. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. What Macs do have Retina support? I guess only MacBooks?


Hi Thomas,

So sorry for the confusion! We tried to make it clear that the iMac will not display in Retina mode when used as a secondary display in Mac-to-Mac mode, but it looks like we missed the mark in some areas. If you would email us here with your order number, we would be happy to initiate a return and refund for you.

Again, so sorry for the trouble and thank you for sharing your feedback!

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Also any news on the inclusion of 4K? Airplay 3 is set to release 4K stream when Big Sur is released in the coming months.

Also considering Luna can transmit close to 40 MB/s - can you help us understand if retina or something close to it is coming or being worked on?