Luna Display needs Portrait Mode


I think this my have been brought up elsewhere.

I’m using Luna Display as a secondary touch display in a recording studio setup. Portrait mode would make it so much more useful!




Definitely! We are currently working on bringing this to Luna Display, but don’t have a timeframe yet on when it will be fully supported.

We appreciate your patience!


Hi, without the ability to rotate the view luna is not like a real external display and I’m very unhappy with this false advertisement. But I will revoke my bad rating in the App Store as soon as this feature is finally available!


Phenomenal product Astropeeps! Thank you for your beautiful ingenuity and implementation. Only feature I’ve found myself aching for is portrait mode.

+1 for portrait mode!

iPad Pro 12.9" 2018 (3rd Gen)


Joined this forum just to support this. IT IS ESSENTIAL for me! Please make this happen!