Luna Display is a Resource Hog

I’ve fought the good fight with getting Luna Display to play nice with my MacBook Pro mid-2015. I’ve opened the MacBook, cleaned the fans and everything else that was safe to clean, I reapplied thermal paste to the processor, and still just the very act of plugging the Luna Display into the DisplayPort makes the fans spin nonstop. The only program I have that runs the machine hotter than Luna is my antivirus, which I turn off when using the Luna.

Does anyone else at all have this problem? Is it safe to have the fans run during, let’s say, a four-hour session? The fans stop (when I say “stop,” I mean I can’t hear them) within two minutes after unplugging the Luna.

What, if anything, can be done?


I use a MacBook Pro Mid-2015, and I do agree that the machine really hums from using Luna Display. I have been using Luna Display for a couple months, but I find it has worked pretty well as described despite really pushing the envelope on the processor and bus. I do notice the WindowServer task has high usage. However, I feel like I can still use my applications fine and I don’t feel I need to give up on it. I guess I would wonder from Astropad whether this is normal or not…?

As far as I can tell, they don’t respond to issues in this forum. I did install an app that monitors the fan speeds and CPU and GPU temperatures. It’s really amazing how Luna really heats the machine up. As long as the CPU temps stay at around 75 degrees Celsius while the fans run, I’m okay. But if it jumps to too much more than 80 degrees, I’m shutting it down.

I still think this setup is better than a Cintiq 16, which is about $650. That model doesn’t have a touch screen, for starters.

My only beef with Astropad Studio is the monthly subscription price. I’m not going to pay that freight for too much longer, I’m saving up for a higher end Cintiq, then I’m done with yet another monthly sub. Saying goodbye to Adobe next year, too.