[Luna Display] Frequent disconnects / reconnects

Just got my Luna dongle - I really want to like this product as it provides numerous ways for me to massively beef up my workflow and all the documentation, UX etc seem really great and consumer friendly.


I am hugely disappointed with what seems to be a fairly common problem: I’m connecting via wifi and experiencing a loss of connection (and auto reconnect after around 30 seconds) approximately every 30 mins or so. This is not an internet / network issue as the connection in other devices remains stable.

I’m on a 2017 15" MPB and connecting to an iPad Pro.

I feel fairly sure that I could rectify with a wired connection but, unless I’m missing something, I’d be replicating the astropad experience but with an extra port on my laptop taken up by a dongle (and paying twice).

Has anyone had any luck with this disconnection issue? Thanks!