Luna Display errors on initialization


I’m running into an issue when I initially boot my laptop and try to use Luna, my screen will go black for 10-20 seconds and then gives the following error

However when I re-plug the device, some of the subsequent attempts at using Luna works fine, some don’t. It just recently started doing this and only happens when I restart my Mac and run luna for the first time.

It appears to be an issue with Mac to Mac on 10.15.4. I tried using a primary 2019 16" MacBook Pro to a secondary 2019 27" iMac and vice versa, both have same issues on initial load. It works fine with iPad though. I’ve also tried reinstalling the apps.


I have this same problem with my 2019 MacBook Pro 16" and my 2014 iMac 5K.

Primary Mac:

2019 16” MacBook Pro

Catalina 10.15.4

NO ADAPTERS Luna is plugged directly into the MacBook Pro

Secondary Mac:

2014 iMac 5K i7 m290x

Catalina 10.15.4

No additional monitors connected to either. No sidecar enabled, etc.

The Luna software finds each other fine over Wi-Fi.

Sometimes Luna works fine and connects on the first try.

Other times. Luna will fail with the error “ Failed to wait for Display add error" and ask me to remove and plug in the USB-C dongle again.

Removing and plugging in again and/or restarting the Luna primary software sometimes works, but usually does not fix the problem. Usually I need to restart the MacBook to get it to work again.

If it is working and I disconnect Luna by closing it on either the primary or secondary, I usually get the above error again and can only fix by restarting the primary computer.

I was talking to a support rep and they said people have complained about issues since the last 10.15.4 supplement update. I was given a new version of luna which seemed to somewhat fix the issue but it’s still very slow on initial load and the 20 second black screen is still there.

Heres the new version I was given:

However I bought a thunderbolt 3 cable and connected it directly, turned off my MacBook wifi and shared my internet across thunderbolt. It seems to connect faster and be more stable compared to wifi. I don’t seem to have this issue now with a direct connection. Maybe give that a shot while they fix this problem for wifi.

Thanks! It just gave it a shot and it seemed to connect the first time. Which is better than before. I should try with a thunderbolt cable.

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