Luna Display crashing immediately on app startup -- WITH FIX!

Hi there!

I just received the Luna Display hardware yesterday and found that the current Luna Display app fires up on initial install, performs the firmware check and update, then immediately crashes on trying to connect to the second Mac. All subsequent restarts of the app crashed immediately. Tried reinstalls and Safe Mode with no luck. I was super, super bummed this solution wasn’t going to work for me.

I then found this tip on the community support page related to Astropad (standard and Studio) and thought I’d give it a shot to see if the Luna Display app had the same debug access, feature and menu options: Astropad Standard keeps crashing on Connect.

It does.

I was able to get to the Debug menu on first launch, change the GPU Acceleration to OpenCL and get the Luna Display app fully working. So the known bug from back in May does not appear to be limited to Astropad Standard and Studio — yet it’s also unresolved three months later?!.

My source Mac was a 13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro (which in this instance is running OS 10.12.6 Sierra off an externally mounted SSD for access to mission-critical work-related legacy software), with the target my personal 13-inch 2020 MacBook Air running 10.15.6 Catalina.

I hope this is helpful to others, as connecting a Luna Display crash solution to a May community-forum response about a wholly different app that’s otherwise unaddressed in FAQs or resolved with a software update might be more than a bit of a stretch for many users. I feel more lucky than smart on this one!

Good luck!