Luna Display and TVPaint on MacBook Pro


Hello -

I can’t seem to attain pressure sensitivity with Luna Display and TVPaint on my MacBook Pro using my iPad Pro (man, that’s a mouthful). Is this a known issue? If so, are there any plans to address this?

Thanks much.


Do you have the Luna software installed on your iPad? Brad Colbow of YouTube fame did a review yesterday of Luna and he said he wasn’t getting much in the way of pressure sensitivity until he uninstalled Luna from his iPad and stayed connected via USB instead of WiFi. He said in this case, you don’t need Luna installed on your iPad – Luna will just find it. Someone will correct if I am wrong, but I trust Colbow on these matters. Something to consider, at any rate.


Hey Greg - Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I think figured it out. I was trying to launch from Luna Display rather than from Astropad (duh!), but now I see that Astropad recognizes Luna Display. As soon as I launched from Astropad, pressure sensitivity was responsive again. Thanks for the YouTube video suggestion. I was searching for Mark Colbow, but I think you meant Brad Colbow? Anyway, it’s all good now. Thanks again.


Aw, crap. My bad. Brad, not Mark. Anyway, glad you got it working!



Tell me, how much different is it drawing using Luna/Astropad than with just Astropad/Astropad? It looks to me like the Luna is meant more for folks with second display needs, people who don’t want to have to buy a second display for their MacBook Pros and such. I’m hesitant about buying into Luna unless it really enhances the drawing experiences in apps like Photoshop, Clip Studio Pro, etc.



I tend to use my MacBook Pro’s display to place my visual reference as I draw on my iPad Pro. I also enjoy the freedom to work from a different area of my living room if I choose. It’s been a great addition to my workflow, and so far I have no regrets on the purchase.


Okay, I get that. But if you’re a desk jockey like I am, and only stay wired with my iPad to my MacBook Pro, what benefit is there for a graphic designer/illustrator in such a case? I guess what I’m really asking is: Does the Luna improve significantly on the concept of using Astropad to replace a Wacom tablet? Does it markedly improve the drawing experience?




Well, unless you really need or want a second display, I wouldn’t say that the Luna Display markedly improves on the drawing experience. After all, it merely adds a second display feature that Apple neglected to implement into the iPad Pro for whatever reason, and for digital artists it provides a less expensive option should they choose not to invest in a Cintiq for now. Personally, I’ll stick with the MacBook/iPad/Luna Display trio for as long as I need to. Desk jockeys unite! :slight_smile: